Here you’ll find a (growing) collection of resources for the young designer and creative people that I have personally viewed and found helpful. Stop by from time to time, as this is page and I grow as time passes.

Is there any design resource you’d highly recommend for this list? Let me know, in the comments below.


Practical Typography

FontsInUse – see fonts applied on websites, books, etc.

Identifont – helps you to recognise fonts

Thinking with Type – overview of Typography

ILoveTypography – interesting articles on all matters of Typography


Brand New

Design Fundamentals

Graphic Design – The New Basics (website to accompany the book by Ellen Lupton)

Canva Design School
A great resource especially for beginners. They offer visually stimulating and easy explanations of design concepts. If you are just starting your graphic design career or you want to sharpen your skill set I would encourage you to sign up for their newsletter. Here is a selection of posts I particularly liked:

Design Education

There is an incredible amount of good learning materials online and many of them are free or you can buy sessions for a reasonable price.

  • Creative LIVE
    I’m absolutely in love with this website. Even on a low budget you can get incredible designers teaching you classes. I’m a big fan of the ON AIR free live sessions. Pro: They are free, taught by great design professionals. Con: They are live, so if you miss something, you can’t go back except you buy the whole session. Pro: The sessions are cheaper if you buy them when they are currently on air. You get access to resources and handbooks (depending on the course).
    If you rather have big range of high quality tutorials that are project based and interactive, skillshare is for you. The annual membership is affordable, especially if someone recommends you. I discovered skillshare just about a month ago and think it’s a great resource especially for people who haven’t that much time to attend classes outside of home or lack the money to attend formal education. The lessons are short, focused and end with a class project.
    NOTICE: If you don’t want to pay for an annual membership but have considered to teach, they offer teaching challenges each month and if you manage to post a class by the deadline, you are granted with a free annual membership. WIN – WIN I’d say.

Design Inspiration





  • Graphicburger
    Good place to find stock photos, mock ups and fonts. I just recently discovered it because of my fellow uni colleagues.

Magazines (online)

  • HOW Design
    Offers high quality articles by professional designers and from time to time discount codes for print services, workshops etc.

Is there any design resource you’d highly recommend for this list? Let me know, in the comments below.


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