tree of life

Romica Gawon Spiegl, BA

1988 Dec 28
born in Erlangen / Germany

Secondary College of Business Administration / BHAK Feldbach
information management and information technology

Bachelor of Arts / University of Vienna
Cultural & Social Anthropology

Youth Leadership Training Program “STF” / Europe
longer stay in Kosovo & Albania
service project in Latvia

2013 Oct – Dec
Creative Online Course / Creative Courage by Stephanie Levy

2014 April 13-20
Volunteer and co-team leader for the project “Beauty in Variety” in Albania
EU Youth in Action Programme – Youth Exchanges
(Cultural exchange between UK, Italy, Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia)

2014 Jan – Sept
Youth Ministry Co-Leader
organising workshops/meetings, media coverage (photography of services), social media

2014 July 24 – Aug 18
Au-Pair in USA, Minnesota

2014 Oct – 2015 Aug
Internship as administrative assistant for an IFA (Independent Financial Adviser)
Volunteer for media at Womens Federation of World Peace Youth Bolton

2015 Apr – Sept
General Assistant at CURZON

2015 Sept – now
Graphic Design Student

2015 Oct – now
young creative business owner 😉


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