Hello and welcome,

I’m Romica, a 26 year old Austrian living in the UK, and I’m sharing my journey of how I become a graphic designer. I want to share it with people who also have/had a creative dream and finally want to bring it to reality 🙂

I graduated Social & Cultural Anthropology / University of Vienna 2012,
traveled around Europe with a Youth Leadership Training Program of my church

and now I’m ready for new adventures including getting back on my childhood dream …

to become an artist and do creative work as a profession.
Most likely next year I will go back to uni to do my masters/college but change direction towards design. But before that I try to prepare my portfolio and revive the artist in me.

My interests are

~ creative expressions / photography, drawing, poetry, music (singing & guitar)

~ travelling / people & cultures (myths, material culture, visual culture, cultural exchange etc.)

~ making the world a better place / service projects, fair trade, human rights, development cooperation, peace work

~ living a meaningful life / discovering and deepening my own faith and what other people believe in

Happy to see you here : )


5 thoughts on “About

    1. Hi Diya, thank you so much. I actually moved my blog to romicajones.com. I’d be really happy to share more with you in the future. You can subscribe to the newsletter if you like. Unfortunately I’m not going to post new work on this blog but on my new website. I guess I should announce that finally ^^

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