Letter Paper Workshop Announcement – Sign up to get updates


Letter Paper Workshop

Holiday season is around the corner, and what could be better than a personal and unique letter paper for your loved ones?

The workshop is open to all skill levels but specifically made for beginners.

In just two weeks you will learn:

  • The basics from creating an engaging and balanced composition
  • Colour mixing
  • Simple and easy water-colour techniques you can use with either gouache or water colour paint
  • How to create a beautiful and unique letter paper.

WIN! 10 lucky students who complete this session will be featured on my blog 😀 with links to their own social media or websites/blogs.

When does it start?

This class is great for beginners and everyone who is interested in creating their own letter paper. The workshop (session) with schedule, feedback and prize starts on the 9th of November for 2 Weeks. However, you can also access and study at your own pace anytime.

SIGN UP HERE for  more upcoming design inspiration, discounts to my future classes for creatives and insights into my creative business and methods.

Hope you have a wonderful November,
I’ll speak to you soon,

Romica 🙂


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