#SeasonsGreetingsMCR15 – Self-Initiated Project for Social Change in Manchester


Hi Creative Adventurers,

Holiday Season is around the corner and I have two things to announce to help you make it an awesome one – for you, people you love, and people who need some of our love and attention. The first thing is a project I’d like to introduce you to, the second is a free link to my upcoming workshop. Enjoy!

A small act of kindness

Firstly, I’m in the process of planning a self-initiated project for social change in Manchester. If you have read my post about my paper art research – this is were it should lead to. I want to create a short film with a call to action to make a positive change this winter season. It is part of a uni assignment, however we were free to choose whatever we wanted to do and

I wanted to do something that goes beyond the uni building and myself.

When we think of season’s greetings, we think of cheerful scenes, snow, cookies, Christmas markets – you name it. However, the reality is that “season’s greetings” for people without a home are harsh and come in form of cold, loneliness and desperation. Inspired by my husband’s kindness I want to encourage people to commit to a small act of kindness to support homeless people in Manchester.

What does Help mean?

I will go into more research of what is really needed and actually helpful and will try to cooperate with organisations that already do incredible work. As trained social anthropologist I am aware of the negative notions that “help” can have and the problems of dependency. I want to offer something that actually does make a difference, even if it’s a small one. For example breaking down barriers between people. This topic has been on my heart ever since I moved to and lived in Vienna for 3 years and it has followed me to every city I’ve visited and lived in. I know some of you might already be very involved and do a great deal. If you have suggestions on what people could do, please let me know in the comments or message me on my twitter @romica_sp

What you can do

I am still in the preparation phase. I realised that using social media to spread news about the project would be the best idea as I am still new to this city (1 year of living here) and don’t know so many people. My idea is to either create a website (I have little experience and would need some help with this) or a Facebook Group were people can help spread the news. For every person who participates I want to use Instagram and the hashtag #SeasonsGreetingsMCR15 to evaluate how successful this project was. I do believe in the words of Margaret Mead (anthropologist herself) that a small group of people can influence a big change. Even if this project will stay small this winter, it can grow and grow over the years and who knows what we can do together.

My dream would be that there is enough housing and support so none has to live on the streets.

So what you can do would be to help me spread the news and participate yourself when the project is launched. I have six weeks to prepare everything, including filming, editing and setting up social media. If you are from England and Manchester or Greater Manchester and would like to participate or if you are someone wonderful from anywhere in the world, who could help me set up a small website I would be incredibly grateful if you could help me make this happen.

I will try to apply for some funding and start the project – this is officially week 1

Last but not least – Letter Paper Workshop

Another way of spreading love and give this holiday season a good vibe is to put your thoughts and good wishes down on paper.

This class is great for beginners and everyone who is interested in creating their own letter paper. The workshop (session) with schedule, feedback and prize starts on the 9th of November for 2 Weeks. However, you can also access and study at your own pace anytime.

Thought this was awesome?

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Hope you have a wonderful November,
I’ll speak to you soon,

Romica 🙂


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