Podcast for creative business owners: Make It Happen & my story of Flops and Success so far


Hello Creative Adventurers,

if you are a young creative business owner or you are creative and are thinking about starting your own business this podcast is for you.

I stumpled upon it through my blogging friend’s twitter account. Her name is Sofie and she makes beautiful art and blogs about her journey of starting her own creative business – definitely have a look at her blog Sofie Arts ;D. If you don’t know where to start looking for inspiration Sofie’s twitter has a lot to offer.

Podcast: Make it Happen Episode 7

The focus of this episode of Make It Happen is an interview with Kory Woodard and her story of how she started her own business during college and tips and tricks amongst which you’ll find my recent game-changer personal branding.

Points I found interesting and valuable

  • Work-Life Balance – make clear business hours for yourself (don’t answer e-mails late at night because you feel like you have to).
  • Don’t obey “rules of success” e.g. How many times you should post in social media, if it doesn’t suit your business.
  • Be honest – you can show your vulnerable side e.g. in your newsletter and also talk about things that didn’t go according to plan.

What resonates with me

I think from all the points that they talked about, I found the topic of “vulnerability” the most interesting. Especially when Kory talks about her online-course that completely flopped.

People don’t talk about their failures, just about their success and if something doesn’t work that we try, we might feel like we are the only ones out there. I am glad, that she touched this topic and that she was brave enough to share it, even if it was just in the safer world of her newsletter followers.

Another good point she mentioned that related to this flop was that she analysed why it didn’t work and she learned that her marketing wasn’t good enough and also the timing of the launch was during the holiday season where people have other things in mind than attending online-classes. I found it great that she could see the flop as an opportunity to learn.

My own story so far

When I think about my short time as a business owner, I could definitely also talk about small success and failures that have already happened along my way.

My flops

For example I started licensing my products and opened my first shop society6.com/romisketches. Since then nothing has happened. I guess I had too high expectations and also I didn’t promote it enough. Basically I haven’t put the work and effort in that are necessary to reach people and let them know that it is out there. Furthermore I don’t really have a cohesive style and just a few products. So far I haven’t sold anything.

My success

However, one of my success stories is my young skillshare teaching career. I still want to write a whole post about this experience so far but just a heads up: I got paid a few days ago and I was pleasantly surprised. From doing what I love I earned as much as 2 weeks of my previous part-time job! Without leaving my home and while enjoying the process of planning, filming, editing and writing.

To hear more about upcoming classes and workshops – make sure to sign up for my Letters to Creative Adventurers.

I earned enough to justify buying a new camera to make more classes (my old one really reached its limits while filming the other class, but more about this in the upcoming post about my skillshare teaching experience). I do highly recommend it to people and btw, they offer $ 100 for new teachers in the November challenge!

Final thoughts

I really enjoyed listening to the Make it Happen Podcast and it’s a great use of time while commuting to university (which takes me about 1+ hour). If you have other podcasts for creative business owners that you would recommend or if you want to share your thoughts on this episode, please let me know in the comments below.

Have a wonderful day,

Romica 🙂


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5 thoughts on “Podcast for creative business owners: Make It Happen & my story of Flops and Success so far

  1. Hi Romica! I’m finally catching up with my reader and I found this little gem 🙂 Thank you so much for the shout out!
    I love all these podcasts and I love Kory’s work! I think podcasts are amazing to listen to while painting or drawing for me. The point about the rule of success is something that resonate with me as well. Since I started to read everything I thought I needed to know to start a creative business I have come across a great amount of them. The biggest problem is when they start to contradict each other on what you should do for success. I now keep a little list of only the tips that really stuck with me or the ones that gave immediate results.
    I just looked in your society6 shop for the first time I believe and your work is still so good! I loved tea time and tea time pink especially as I do have a weakness for tea in general.
    I’m glad to hear that your skillshare is a success since it looks amazing! I can’t wait to start the class. I’m already gathering inspiration 🙂
    I hope you are having a great day. ~Sofie

  2. Hi Sofie,
    I do think you are doing so great in your 2nd month of business. I really love how organised you are and how you monitor your own goals and accomplishments. Also think it’s great that you keep what works for you in this list. It will become a very valuable resource over time. About to do’s and advice for success: Personally I would love to try to reach a bigger audience but I’m not entirely sure what I want to focus on. I read that guest-blogging can be very helpful, however, I don’t know so many blogs that are not already entirely established and would benefit from some guest-blogging. Any ideas? I’m also considering to join a twitter chat after you mentioned them in a post (and on twitter).
    About the society6 shop: Thank you, I’m so happy you like it. Tea is awesome ^^ I drink more tea since I moved to England. Tea culture is huge.
    Yay … I’m really excited that you are going to join me for this skillshare session. You don’t know how much this means to me. There are now over 200 people in the class, but there is no feedback and no interaction. So in one way I feel that it was successful, as people are interested enough to sign up and stay. However, I wish there would be someone to just move the crowd a bit. Sometimes I feel like I’m posting into nothingness ^^ that’s why I feel it’s such a blessing that you – someone I have a connection with – could participate. I’m really happy that we could connect and I’m always looking forward to your posts and comments.
    Have an awesome new week – Romica 🙂

  3. Hi Romica,
    Thank you so much for all the nice words and I’m glad you think so!
    I just need to figure out how skillshare works a little. I didn’t notice till very late that I wasn’t submitted into the session but only the class! And I just noticed I can like thing on there! I definitely look forward to connecting with you there as well in just 6 days. (Crazy how fast the time goes!)
    I think that guest blogging would be a great idea to grow your audience. Personally I don’t know any blogs. I think most blogs only accept guest bloggers after they are established? When I googled it I did find a handy list. http://www.effectivebusinessideas.com/blogs-that-accept-guest-posts/
    It also lists how to apply so that seems great to me.
    Personally I feel conscious still about my bad English but when I pick that up I’ll definitely want to try that out as well!
    I love your posts so I totally think you would be an amazing Guest blogger. I’m also very happy to be able to talk about all this with someone!
    Hope you have an amazing too ~Sofie

  4. Hi Sofie, you really made me day by being active on the class 😀 Yeah, it’s so soon, hard to believe. I’m really excited and hope more people join. If you know anyone (friend or family) who would be interested in participating, you can just share the link I gave you with them. Oh and because you mentioned you would like to learn more about typography, I just found another free Skillshare class by Ellen Lupton. She is well known in the graphic design world and I’m definitely going to enroll. As it’s free anyways I’m giving you the link here http://skl.sh/1Hpk8z9 🙂
    Thank you for the link, I’ll have a look. I’m trying to use the tips from Maria Coz’s e-mail course, but so far people have been a bit hesitant. I guess also that my Sign up placement isn’t the best at the very bottom XD I’m learning. I thought that in the future it would be cool if you could guest post on my blog 🙂 e.g. about your experiences with etsy and being a young entrepreneur. It would be amazing if we could do collaborations like this.
    Let me know, if you know anyone who is interested in the class and what you think about the typography class.
    Have a wonderful evening – Romica

  5. Hi, Romica! I’ll definitely ask around if everyone else is interested. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of creative friends. But it does fit amazingly in my post for tomorrow!
    That class is amazing, thank you so much for sharing it! I really look forward to trying some things with typography now. I had never heard from Ellen Lupton before but her work looks really cool. I hope to get to that! (For some reason, I feel so busy at the moment.)
    I would love love love to collaborate with you like that as well if you would like to guest post on my blog too! I think that is such a lovely idea.
    Thank you again for that amazing class and hope to talk to you soon! 😀
    ~ Sofie

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