Keeping your Sketchbook and Blog presentable


Hi Creative Adventurers,

Fred Deakin’s twitter about my article led quite a few people to my blog and when I realised how outdated my sketchbook page is and that my CV only goes until 2013 … I felt a bit awkward.

  • How serious am I about my online representation?
  • What opportunities did I miss because I wasn’t showing my progress and my work?

Maybe I wasn’t as serious as I wanted to be and for the second question I don’t know and there are no answers but it definitely made me reflect.

Why updating your blog / portfolio / CV is important

You never know WHEN and WHO is going to find your blog. What if it was a potential business partner or even employer that for some reason found his or her way to your site? If your portfolio hasn’t received much attention, what else can their base their judgement on (maybe this isn’t the right word, but I hope you get what I mean). Even if your work is amazing, what can it do for you if it’s not visible?

Be good to your creative self

It is unfair to yourself to let laziness destroy or lower your chances of showing you in an authentic way. You develop, improve, … I bet you, there has been much going on, but are you showing this?

If yes, great and congratulations. You seem to know the importance of your online presentation and I am really glad you do. I wasn’t as prepared as you are.

For me, this opportunity of exposure to mostly creative people came quite as a surprise. I knew I wanted to update some of my important pages eventually but it never happened until now. I realised this is partly also because I recently started to use a different platform ( due to uni requirements to keep my work up to date. However, I haven’t made the effort to connect my blog with tumblr which definitely has to change.

Sketchbook Update

To make up for this: Here is a short update on what I have been up to recently in my free time. I’m taking a Skillshare class with Matt Vergotis about brushpen logo design and these are my practice sheets. I used gouache instead of a brushpen. I love this class and I need to take more time to practice.


This might sound like a short rant but especially in this digital age, and as a designer or creative business owner, your online presence is important. So I decided to either link my sketchbook to my tumblr or to commit to regular updates.

So yeah, this was short but sweet and I hope it could help some of you. How are you taking care of your online presence? Share your thoughts and comments below.

Have a wonderful day,

Romica 🙂

PS: OhhDeer Pillow Competition

In case you haven’t seen it, I’m participating in a competition of OhhDeer where I would really appreciate to win (Do I sound like a hypocrite now? ;D) However, the focus here is business and not my creative development. I’d really love to see some of my designs applied to actual things.

If you want to support me, click on links below for each pillow design and then press the FB Like Button or share it on Twitter. If you want to participate yourself click here to upload your designs.

OhDeer Pillow Competition Entry by Romica Spiegl Jones “Funky Fruit Salad”

OhDeer Pillow Competition Entry by Romica Spiegl Jones “Helicopter Plant Bear”

ohhdeer-funky-fruit-salad-cushion-31 ohhdeer-helicopter-plant-bear-cushion-31

Thank you 🙂


6 thoughts on “Keeping your Sketchbook and Blog presentable

  1. Hello Romica !! Your tumblr is soo amazing !!! Before Friday, i was so scared to publish my portfolio online. I really didnt know what people gonna say and it was scary. But I not only created a portfolio online, but also managed to create my own facebook group !! Now I regret that I havent done it before.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Natalie. It’s great that you have your portfolio online. Whatever people say, take it as a help to keep growing 🙂 First time I showed my work I got quite harsh critique but when I asked to be more specific and what I can improve it helped me so much. You’re brave and this is just the beginning of so much more to come. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Hey, Romica! This was an amazing piece to read! I haven’t really made a section on my blog for my work, but this post did make me think about that. I should really work on my creative presence I think since I haven’t really showed that yet. Also discovering your Tumblr was a lot of fun! Your work is incredible. Personally I feel that your blog looks very amazing right now! 🙂 Hope you are doing well!

    1. Hi Sofie, I’m really happy to hear from you and that you found this post helpful. Recently I wanted to find your etsy but had quite a hard time finding it. For people who just have a quick look at your blog I think they won’t get that you have a beautiful etsy shop. It would be great if you could have a link to it in your menu or somewhere visible. I’m not sure if you can do that on but as soon as you’re up and running with your self hosted one, I’d really love to see your work and a very obvious link to your etsy 🙂 it would be a shame if people can’t find it.

      1. I’m so glad you told me. I’ll try to fix that as soon as possible! I’m still figuring the whole layout out. Probably should have started with that. Thank you so much for your help! 🙂

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