Do you have a Creative Bucket List?

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Romica: Hey Creative Adventurers, how are you doing?

You: Hey, I’m great. It has been a while, what have you been up to?

Romica: Well, I’m working on a secret project. That’s why I have been more quiet recently but great things are to come, so stay tuned. One of the things on my creative bucket list will be ticked off soon. Quite frankly speaking, I’m excited!

What is a Creative Bucket List?

Have you ever heard of a creative bucket list? Basically, it’s a list of creative goals you want to achieve before you pass on, turn 30 or any other milestone you set for yourself. So what it does is taking the concept of a Bucket List and combines it with a focus on creative goals. So, same concept, with a special focus.

Why do I need a Creative Bucket List?

Ever wanted to do a creative project really badly but haven’t come around to it? Maybe it’s because you haven’t set yourself a clear goal + deadline. Creative Bucket Lists help you to stay focused & evaluate your creative projects.

Many of your projects will stay dreams until you give them:

  • a clear goal (purpose) and
  • a deadline (time restriction).

I have been guilty of this as well. I had and have many creative dreams and for some “that year” or “that day” has long passed and nothing has manifested – yet. So why do I believe they work? Because I have tried it. You could maybe also call this more professionally “Project management for Designers/Creatives” but I prefer the Creative Bucket List.

Disclaimer: Try it if you wish – this is not a bullet proof approach but it worked for me and I hope it will work for you. If not, everyone is different and works differently and maybe there is a better method for you out there. Good Luck 🙂

How to make your own Creative Bucket List

So what creative project has been on your mind for a long time?

  • Writing & publishing your own book?
  • Sharing your skills and teaching people what you have learned?
  • Creating your very own font?

These are some of my creative milestones I want to achieve.

Maybe you have dreamed of something completely different. Whatever it is, try this process and let me know what has happened

  1. Give it a WHY – Give it a PURPOSE

    Things that are important to us get done and things that aren’t our priority usually don’t. Find an answer to the question WHY!

    Why do you want to do it?
    Why is it important for you and or other people?
    Why does it move your heart?

  2. Give it a WHAT – Give it a clear goal & write it down!

    Most of the time you already know the answer to this. You know what project you want to do … BUT have you written it down? Anywhere where you would remember it? No, well then … Write it down!
    No? You have an incredible memory and don’t need physical lists? Ok, and you know what … I created my physical list AFTER I’m almost done with the first point. This was possible because my WHY was so strong, that I couldn’t get it out of my mind anymore.

    For some people, writing it down, is optional. And I think point 1 and 3 are the most important but it helps if you know exactly what you want to achieve and if you can come back to it on paper.

  3. Give it a WHEN – Give it a deadline

    I know, I know … who really likes deadlines? They put us under pressure, they can make us feel awkward etc. I still believe if you don’t give yourself a deadline it’s less likely to achieve what you want.

    I don’t say you have to set it in stone and it can’t be moved at all. But it really helps to have a definite restricted time period to work with and a specific date to work towards. For me it was the birthday of a person, who is very important to me. And this doesn’t move to my liking, so I thought it was a very good time restriction.


I’d really love to see what your creative bucket lists are and how you work towards them. Maybe some points on your list will need to “ripen”, to really have the strong WHY to move you forward. That’s fine. In the end you are in charge of your life and maybe you want it all to develop naturally. However, I found this method very helpful in achieving my first creative bucket list project that I just always wanted to do but have never done – until now.

Disclaimer again: I’m glad that you read through the whole post, … just to remind you again:
Try it if you wish – this is not a bullet proof approach but it worked for me and I hope it will work for you. If not, everyone is different and works differently and maybe there is a better method for you out there. Good Luck 🙂

PS: If you want to know what is on my creative bucket list at the moment and why, check out my future posts.


6 thoughts on “Do you have a Creative Bucket List?

  1. Heya!
    Till the end of 2015 – I want to make my first short film!
    Thanks for your motivational posts (:
    Keep it up!

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