Video of the Week: Aaron Draplin on Working Efficiently in Illustrator

well that’s what design should be,
it shouldn’t be this damn thing when you’re spending eight hours f*ing on a Laurel you should be like blast through this stuff
(Aaron Drapling min: 4:04-4:05)

Hey Creative Adventurers, it’s Video of the Week again. Time to learn something new today!

If you are working in Illustrator and ever wondered how to become more efficient – check out this amazing video on Skillshare’s YouTube channel by Aaron Draplin. My jaw dropped, thought it was brilliant how much time and money you can save with a few simple steps.

Things I learned from this video:

  • Using the warp tool to create curves with your shapes
  • Breaking the work process down to different segments to keep track of progress
  • Turning your work into a library/reference book for yourself WHILE you are working

My favourite part was when he used the warp tool, which was new to me and how easy it can be with a little thought and a good work ethic to make your own unique vector graphics and keep track of your process. I had a different work process where I just saved different versions of the piece I’m working on in separate files. Makes my PC (which I’m currently working on) quicker. However, I do like his way of breaking everything into steps and saving it. He basically creates a library of steps, that he can always come back to even way later. It’s almost like a cookbook – for designers 🙂

Hope you liked it & Keep on learning 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Video of the Week: Aaron Draplin on Working Efficiently in Illustrator

  1. Hi. What a delightful blog!! watched the Illustrator video all the way through. It’s great watching someone is so masterful at work. Enjoyed browsing your other posts as well. Glad to have found you.

    1. Hi Paula, thank you 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the video and I’ll try to make a good collection over the time. He is really amazing, blunt & honest but I find that very endearing ^^. I’m also really glad I find your blog 🙂

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