Walk with me

I am a Graphic

Hi, I’m Romica, a 26 year old Austrian living in the UK, and I want to be a graphic designer.

By official education I ought to be an  accountant, businesswoman or anthropologist.

By passion I’m a creative mind with a backpack full of other great stuff I’ve learned.

Now I’m going for my dream

  • I want to prove to you that going for your creative dream is worth it.
  • I want to prove that overcoming fear to fail is worth it.
  • I want to prove that whatever you have been doing before, if you are passionate about it, you can become a graphic designer.

How? By inviting you to follow me on my path to success. I will share honestly with you, my fall backs and challenges but also what I’ve learned, what worked well and what’s essential in my opinion.

Why not way before?

  • Early discouragement
  • Fear of survival
  • Lack of confidence

Let’s say I always wanted it but now I want it more.

Suppressing my passion hurt – for many years. It hasn’t been that obvious. I did enjoy life and aspects of my education in business and anthropology. However, there was this dull pain when I saw people going for their dreams, when I couldn’t find my courage to even try. I felt unfulfilled but I denied it. In all kinds of ways I tried to prove to myself that it was better and safer to forget.

Thoughts such as these were in my mind:

  • I am too old now, it’s too late to try.
  • I will not be able to deal with critique.
  • I am not as good as all these thousands of other students.
  • Design is so competitive that I will never find a job.

Did any of these used to be something you thought or still think to be true?

So this was what I believed to be true for many years of my life. Kinda depressing, right?

However, things have changed. I had some dramatic changes in my life and through a lot of thought and prayer (yes, it works for me) I gave my life a new and positive direction but also with a seemingly uncertain outcome with no guarantees.


My new mottos:

  • Don’t live with regret – take risks!
    _ I just couldn’t stand the thought anymore that I haven’t even tried
  • Always remain a student and never stop learning!
    _ I realised that there are so many ways to learn new things
  • Feedback helps you to become even better!
    _ I can work on my weaknesses and develop
  • Enthusiasm & effort is more important than previous education!
  • Competition makes it exciting!

Follow me and learn with me through the early stages of preparation, through uni, early career and my own business … all to come in future posts.

Following me as a blogger is – somehow – a long-term commitment. You will see no instant changes or receive all the wisdom presented at once. But you will see a process of progress. You will see how I grow, improve, understand design and live more deeply and I believe you and me, we can learn together, support and encourage each other on this way. So, …

Walk with me


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