Is my Life the Proof of Love?

The Proof of Your Love –
For King and Country [song/band]

I came across one of my favourite songs again. If you listen to the lyrics, not much has to be said. For me it’s a good reminder of “Dear Romica, are your actions, your words, your life a proof of love?”

Am I doing things just because I think they are right, or because I really care?

Here I share with you the link to a series of 4 videos [Trailer, Making Of, Thoughts on the Song/Meaning, Official Music Video] on the youtube channel of the Band.

I conclude with the words of one of the band members

“The most important thing … is love.
The best thing is … reaching out beyond yourself,
serving God, serving something greater than yourself.
And my proclamation […] is by saying ‘Let my life be the proof of Your love, let my love look like You and what You’re made of. How You lived and how you died. Love is sacrifice.’
So let my life, my relationships, my work, my music … be the proof of Your love.” (link)

Enjoy 🙂


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